Our facility is devoted to your

feline friends!

Edmonton's first cat only facility offering overnight accommodations for your

kitties whenever you need us!

Your kitty will be sure to feel at home in our spacious private suites. 


All suites are multiple occupancy suites

for up to three kitties from the same household to feel comfortable together.

Our facility is 3700 sq.ft allowing for lots

of play space and features a large play

area with floor to ceiling windows for

your kitties to enjoy!

There are also several smaller play areas, one of which features a 55" flat screen kitty TV!

For safety only kitties displaying passive social skills can join with other cats. 

You can have comfort in knowing we will treat your pet(s) like our own!

View our facility anytime during regular business hours (no appointment necessary) or book your stay today!



Our private suites are designed to temporarily accomodate a kitty in need of a safe and comfortable place to be their home away from home.


Each suite features 2 landing pads for the kitties to climb, cozy cubbie hole they can sleep in or scratch and a hanging hammock for extra comfort! 



The staff have experience in cat behavior and make your kitty's safety and comfort our number one priority.


With the ability to read your kitty's behavior from the most subtle signs of distress we will be able to adjust your kitty's activities to make their 

stay comfortable.



For those who request a play date with some new friends for your kitty an 860 Sq. Ft social room is available.


Here they can enjoy looking out the floor to ceiling windows, play on the many cat trees, chase toys and make some new friends during their stay!


There are also several smaller play areas on our main level in which one features a 55" flat screen kitty TV!

For safety only kitties displaying passive social skills can join.



Have comfort in knowing you can

trust our staff to provide insulin injections, sub q fluids, oral medication and glucose checks!

Have another medical requirement? Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you!



Nail trimming and soft paw applications are available for your kitty during its stay or by appointment.

To learn more about the benefits of Soft Paws and how they are a great training tool get in touch with our staff!



Our facility Manager has experience working in the Veterinary field as a Lead Veterinary Medical Assistant as well as the President of a local cat rescue since 2010.


With our knowledgeable staff appropriate medical action will be taken as your kitty's safety is our number one priority.


Have peace of mind knowing your kitty is in very capable hands!







Cozy Kitty Accommodations was created to provide a service so desperately needed in our community!
Our facility is family owned and started with the vision of offering a safe place for your kitties to board while also assisting in bringing down the stray cat population in our community by offering an alternative to abandonment.
As a cat only facility we are able to offer a low stress environment to make the adjustment of a change of scenery much easier for your kitties during their stay with us!
We set a high standard for ourselves that ensures we meet the American Association of Feline Practitioners Standards for a cats environmental needs.
Our Compassionate Care program was created for owners in a hard time. With reduced rates it opens up an opportunity to make it possible for kitties to go back home with their loved ones.
Our family has a love for animals and our facility manager has experience working as a Lead Veterinary Medical Assistant, as well as running our affiliate rescue organization Saving Animals From Euthanasia (SAFE) Team, an Edmonton based no kill rescue for cats.
Here in our facility you can find a safe haven for some of the cats rescued and available for adoption with SAFE Team in a separate adoption area!
Our facility is designed and constructed for the cats comfort and needs!
It's purrrfect care when you can't be there!



4610 97 STREET, NW


T6E 5N9

Email: reservations@cozykitty.ca
Tel:  780-243-2679


10:00 AM - 1:00 PM; 5 PM - 8 PM

Tuesday - Saturday


6:00 PM - 8:00 PM 

Sunday - Monday

*Please Note: We are closed to the public on all Statutory holidays*




Your kitty's comfort is very important to us!
This is why we meet the American Association of Feline Practitioners Standards for a Cats Environmental Needs! We provide places to climb, sleep, hide, scratch, play and of course share lot's of love!
We will treat your kitty as our own!
During your kitty's stay you are welcome to bring  a blanket or bed from home!
We ask that you please provide your kitty's food for 
their stay! We will provide all other required things.
For your kitty's safety we require they are up to date
on the FRCP Vaccine. *Certificate Required*
Although not a requirement we strongly encourage the treatment of the following prior to his/her stay: Rabies Vaccine, FELV Vaccine, Advantage Multi or Revolution 
Our staff will ensure your kitties get the opportunity to run and explore the facility, have social interaction with them and other kitties (upon owner request). 
Your kitties safety is very important to us! This is why our facility is monitored 24/7 by Liberty Security for fire and break in protection!
Remember to follow our social media feeds as we will post updated pictures so you can see how the kitty's are doing during their stay!
  We are conveniently located 20 minutes from the Edmonton International Airport

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Prices &




First Kitty in Suite

Nightly Rate (1-21 nights) $22.00

Nightly Rate (22-31 nights) $20.00

Nightly Rate (32+ nights) $16.00


Additional Kitty in Same Suite

Nightly Rate + $10.00 for second kitty +$9.00 for third kitty

Max 3 Kitties Per Suite


Please Note:

*Minimum 2 night stay is required for all reservations.

*Pick ups or drop offs outside of scheduled reservation dates are subject to a $10 surcharge.





Nail Trim 

By Appointment $15.00

Boarding Cats Complimentary


Soft Paw Application

Soft Paw Caps and Nail Trim

By Appointment $55.00

Boarding Cats $50.00


Soft Paw Application and Nail Trim


By Appointment $30.00

Boarding Cats $25.00







Non Medical Additives

Per Dose $1.00


Oral Medications 

Per Dose $1.50


Insulin Injections 

Per Dose $2.50

Glucose Checks 

Per Test $4.00


Sub Q Fluids 

Per Dose $5.00


please note: Any medication

or injection can only be given

between 9am - 830pm.

*Prices are subject to change at any time*

Make A Reservation Inquiry Below!







Saving Animals From Euthanasia Team (SAFE Team)

is a non profit charitable rescue society for cats.

Charitable No. 81535 2604 RR0001


Here in our facility you can find some of their animals looking for their forever homes in a separate adoption area!


Part of Cozy Kitty Accommodations Ltd. mission in preventing 

abandonment is by opening our doors to SAFE Team to help find forever homes for more animals in need. 


Choosing us as your preferred facility will not only give your kitty

a safe and comfortable place for temporary accommodations but will continue to help SAFE Team save more lives!


Learn more about SAFE Team by visiting their website 




Meet The Team


I am a full time team member for Cozy Kitty. 

I started in this facility as a volunteer for SAFE Team and I loved every minute of it! Having cats as my favorite animal since I was a little girl I decided I should spend my time at a job I love!

I have 5 cats, three adopted from SAFE Team. I only expect my fur family to grow. Whether it be permanent or with my fosters. 

When I'm not at Cozy Kitty, I can be found baking, painting or snuggling my many fur babies.


I am part Owner and Manager here at Cozy Kitty Accommodations.


I spend my free time as the Director of a local non profit cat rescue called Saving Animals From Euthanasia Team!


When I am not working or doing rescue I enjoy spending time with my 3 dogs and 5 cats!


I am very happy and can honestly say it makes me proud to know that with my hard work I have achieved a dream and have a career I truly love! 


I am a part time member of the Cozy Kitty team.


I have loved and owned cats my entire life. I currently have 3 cats of my own


I love sitting with quiet and shy guests and helping them gain their confidence when they are here for vacation!


When I’m not working I can be found volunteering with SAFE Team and at my children’s school or spending time with my family.


I'm a part time member of the Cozy Kitty team!


Working at Cozy Kitty is the best!


I love interacting with our kitty guests to ensure they are comfortable and well adjusted during their stay.


I especially love giving extra attention to shy kitties to help build their confidence!


When I'm not working at cozy kitty, I enjoy volunteering with our affiliate rescue, SAFE Team, spending time with my boyfriend, friends and family, and couch cuddles with my kitty at home!


I am one of the part time members of the Cozy Kitty team.


Working with cats is one of my favorite things! I have been taming wild kittens with SAFE Team Rescue since I was a little girl!


I currently have 4 cats at home that I love spending my after school couch time with!


When I’m not working here, I love to be involved in teaching and participating in dance. 


I’m one of the part time members of the Cozy Kitty team. 


I’ve had cats all my life! I love spending time interacting and caring for your feline friends. I enjoy meeting all cats, the shy and the outgoing!


When I’m not working at Cozy Kitty I spend my free time volunteering with SAFE Team Rescue, caring for the adoptable cats in care.


I also enjoy the outdoors, running and hiking are other passions of mine!


I am part time member here at Cozy Kitty Accommodations.

I have a love for kitties but unfortunately am not able to own any so spend my free time volunteering with SAFE Team Rescue!


I enjoy hanging out with my two birds and working part time at a gym. 


When I am not working or volunteering I spend a lot of time in my studies as I prepare to go to Med school!


I am one of the employees here at Cozy Kitty Accommodations.

My passion for animals has stemmed from a very young age! I can't imagine life without them!


I enjoy spending my free time with my 2 dogs and cat!


I am the Co-Founder of Saving Animals From Euthanasia Team and enjoy helping to enrich the lives of the cats!

© 2016 by Cozy Kitty Accommodations Ltd.

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