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I met Kirby while she was working at the vet clinic I take my kitties too. My kitty was very sick and I am so grateful that she was there to care for my him when I couldn't be. 


If you are anything like me it is very hard to trust anyone with my pets but she is an amazing lady and I would never hesitate to leave my animals with her, EVER!


She is very knowlegeable about cat behavior and health. I am so happy I now have a place where I am comfortable to take my furry brood!


Thanks Kirby, I appreciate you more then you could possibly know!

- Theresa Hughes

I met Kirby at a stressful and difficult time in our lives. Our family could no longer keep our kitty due to safety.


We were devastated and it seemed like there weren't many options for our kitty as our vet was recommending euthanasia.


I found someone that recommended talking with Kirby first. I immediately felt relieved and hopeful. 


She was very knowledgeable about cat health and behavior. I could tell through our conversations that she really cared, has a true love and respect for all animals.


She is amazing and we will be forever grateful for the help!

- Carla MacLeod

I met Kirby after my 6 month old kitty Kit-Kat had gone in for a neuter and came out unable to walk.


I found my experience with Kirby to be a tremendous blessing.


She went ABOVE and BEYOND and I am forever grateful!


Forever in my heart,

- Carmen Brindle

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